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With a completely adaptable B2B internet platform from Motrada, you
have the online sales tool you need to remarket your used objects!

1. Which types of remarketing platforms have we already provided?
Take a look at a selection of some of our realisations.

2. What can we do for you?
Discover all the possibilities we offer with our platforms.

3. PAP Light, PAP Pack or Multi PAP?
Choose the remarketing platform that perfectly fits to your needs.

Do you want to learn more about all the possibilities of our platforms?
We would be pleased to give you a presentation on our Demo-Platform
in more detail during a scheduled online-meeting. Do not hesitate to contact us!

Which platforms have we already created?

Here is a list of a few of our trusting clients. They made the decision to take full advantage of our customized technology!

VB Leasing With its cross-country MPAP platform VB Leasing is able to reach customers all accross Europe. Individual platforms in Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia, Poland, Bosnia, Slovakia, Serbia, Romania and Austria are interconnected to enable cross-country sales.
Lombard Lizing (Hungary) and VR Leasing (Germany) also have their platforms tied into this MPAP.

ALD With a remarketing solution of Motrada, the fleet manager ALD Automotive has found a tool to offer their used objects in 7 countries (Austria, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Serbia, Russia).

Citroen With the Austrian Citroën importer, Motrada has found a professional partner outside of the leasing segment. Providing the Austrian Citroën dealer-network with used vehicles, Motrada provides the necessary online-tool to fullfill the expectations.

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What can we do for you?

Motrada creates custom platforms according to your requirements. We have a vast number of possibilities to adapt the platform, reproduce and optimize your existing process.

Your key-advantages with a Motrada platform:


  • automated communication emails (bid received / accepted / declined etc.)
  • data interfaces to get vehicle data directly onto the platform (from your system or from your expert)
  • large amount of buyers thanks to the possibilities of the internet


  • choose the buyers you want to cooperate with, thanks to a special registration process
  • know about the user activity and sale success on the platform thanks to our monthly statistic reports
  • every mouse click, login and received bid is registered and logged in the system
  • assign different authority levels to your employees - you have complete control


  • adapt the platform to your Corporate Identity: your logo, your design, your CI
  • define your sale process - which object is offered to which buyer at what price, with several sale types (Auction, Buy-It-Now, Open Offer, Direct Sale and Reverse Auctions)
  • adapt the platform to your needs in every aspect: categorize your buyers into groups, build Buyer Groups; sell two or more objects at once with vehicle packages; ...
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Which platform type is the right one for you?

Motrada makes your platform perfectly suit your needs: whether you
are a small bank or a large leasing group, there will always be a matching
type of Motrada platform for you!

PAP Light

  • Up to 100 users
  • Your logo on the platform
  • Standard home page and footer
  • Sale method: auctions
  • Access only for registered users
  • Automatic email notification
  • Language of the country

PAP Pack

  • Up to 300 users
  • Your font and your colours on the platform
  • Adapted home page and footers
  • Sale methods: auctions, open offer, fix price and instant sale
  • Language of the country and several others
  • Standard statistics
  • Package sale and buyer groups

Multi PAP

  • Unlimited number of users
  • Up to 15 selling companies
  • Up to 3 object categories
  • Integration in your own webpage
  • Personalized platform texts
  • Newsletter option
          A vast amount of categories of objects can be sold on a Motrada platform.
          We already have created platforms that sell:
               - cars
               - trucks
               - agricultural machines
               - construction machines
               - computers, office equipment, etc.
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