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Our experienced developers create customized platforms for the
remarketing of your used objects - in 16 European countries.
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Our activity, Our history

Our activity

Motrada is an IT company which creates customized platforms for the remarketing of your used objects. You will be able to optimize your remarketing process by saving time and money. We have platforms in 16 European countries.

Most of our current customers are leasing companies, fleet managers and importers which use our sales tool to sell their used vehicles or other used objects quickly and efficiently.

Our experienced developers use the most modern programming languages in order to offer you the most efficient remarketing solution, at the cutting edge of technology.

Our history

Motrada was established in Austria in 2005. Since then we have realized remarketing platforms in more than 16 european countries.

The first platforms were specialised mainly in selling cars. Due to the continuous development of our software, we have now reached the point where basically every possible product category can be offered on our platforms.

Increasing the variety of product categories and expanding to new countries are firmly rooted in our company's strategy.
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Our mission

What we offer you is the possibility to skip the intermediaries and to directly sell
to local traders, while keeping full control and clarity on your remarketing process!

Our company and our product has
following foundation:

  • Customer Satisfaction: We provide reliable
    platforms, 100% adapted to your requirements.
    With our customer support we are always at your
  • Variety of Functionalities: Our technology
    offers a wide variety of features which are
    constatly improved and expanded by our
    professional development team
  • Quality: Thanks to the first two pillars of our
    foundation, we are able to achieve the highest
    quality for our products and services.
About us
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Our team

We are a dynamic team with experience in the fields of used vehicles, software development and customer support. We are available to support you every work day, so do not hesitate to contact us!


Guillaume Hébrard
Founder - Managing Director

Sebastian Siewert
Key Account Manager

Patrick Marschall
Key Account Manager

Dritan Latifi

Saeid Abbaspour

Christian Patterer

Armin Abarghoui

Emi Kashi
Software Tests

Xhemal Nushi
Software Tests

Sead Lacej
Software Tests

Juli Kepi
Software Tests

Ari Kashi
Software Tests

Bartosz Dobosz
Server Administration

Christian Würker

Tom Macdonald

Laurélie Rabeuf
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